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    Sixteen years ago I had my child. During her first two years with us we started to realize that she was not "hitting" the "normal" growth milestones. More about that later on. As she grew, she was becoming more impulsive and violent. We started to seek professional help, researched on the internet, read books and talked to anyone we could about it.

    At first we tough we were getting the help that we needed. Our daughter was in and out of hospitals and her diagnosis and medications kept changing. As time progressed, it seemed that anywhere we went and anything we did was not helping. We started feeling helpless.

    Our daughter was becoming more and more violent until she tried to kill me one day with a large kitchen knife. It was at that point that I realized that there are no programs out there tailored to our situation.

    I became very depressed and disheartened. I was tired of everyone telling me that same thing, "You have tried everything that I would suggest."

    That is why we decided to take action and build this web site for "us". We need you support and stories so we have a bigger voice! With a bigger voice, we can get more done.


Mrs. Angela Allen

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March 2015 – We made a decision to start advocating and made this site for "us".

Child to Parent Violence/Abuse Support & Advocating