Child to Parent Violence/Abuse Support & Advocating

    We are finally getting this site up and running. It is still being designed but we could no longer wait. We are going to try to make daily updates. We have not set anything up for donations or the like as we are not an official Organization and do not know if we are able to accept donations without being "official". Some advice on this would be very helpful. We are still deciding on what route to go. Our main goal is to advocate and look for support for Child to Parent Violence/Abuse and hopefully make some big changes on the way things are done. If we decide to go the official route, we will need to file the Formal Documents and so on and that will take some time.

     If you are a parent that has been abused by your child or your child is violent towards you, please post our story here. The more voices we have, the more we can do! We are going to post our story soon, it is pretty long and in-depth and we want it just right. We did however send a abridged version of our story to  CNN, KCEN-TV (Temple, TX), Dr. Phil, the Today Show, the Meredith Vieira Facebook page and the Killeen Daily Herald, Killeen, TX Facebook page. We are hoping to hear back from them soon. We have no expectations of being contacted by any of the listed organizations but it would be amazing to get a response. This issue needs to be made public and the "Taboo" associated with it needs to be dispelled.

      If you are a Professional, please help "us" by submitting articles, suggestions, resources or links you think would be beneficial to our cause. We need your help also. 

    We also under that there are going to be people/organizations out there that do not like what we are doing and will always "blame the parent". We have a challenge for you. We ask you to submit your suggestions on how we can change this. If you think we can not change this, please make a submission telling us why.

    We use "us" because we are talking about everyone going through this, not just us.

We want to hear from everyone!